AccurateCNC 560 / 360 Testing the Tool Test

So i struggled with the depth setting, and AccurateCNC software recognised this would be a problem. So far its the best use I’ve found for the camera, noting that I have yet to try the fiducial setup yet and i will be since i cut a PCB last night, and forgot to save the project* , I’d intended to leave it for the morning to do the drilling, and windows update rebooted my machine for me , whoops turn that off that feature on the CNC PC !


*It’d be nice to have an autosave/autoreload for just such things, it does happen. This is where Chris emails me and says ‘It’s in the manual read it’, which I did last night!


The tool test is easy to do, put the software in CNC mode, then the follow camera mode, right click on the board where you want it to cut the test, and select ‘tool test’. The software asks you to confirm, then performs a tool change, then returns to the spot where the camera was and cuts the test, finally the camera returns to inspect the cut.


The manual has excellent details on how to do this, their cut looks better than mine.


Here are the results :- (Click for larger)


I’d say this is too shallow, there is a tiny bit of copper bridging on the top left.



Too deep, removed too much material



Looks better, i did only just it by one division each time, at half a division it’d be even better.



This is the one from the manual



I setup Webcam XP with an auto focus HP webcam so I could check on the machines progress via t’internet. Works on the Jesus phone too.





I did some more tool tests