Teknik Quickset V6.3.8 under Windows 10

I’d recently added Windows 10 to  my main since it has a lot of nice stuff, wsl2/sandboxing etc. and as much as I like windows 7 it is time for a dual boot setup.

Anyway for the projects I am currently working on, so far only the Teknik QuickSet software failed to install/run.

The failure is from an .OCX file from a third party that allows them to use Hotkeys that get processed before VBA etc sees them.

How to fix it

Step 1. Download and install quickset 6.3 from Teknik.

It’ll tell you a OCX failed to register, ignore it in the popup and it will continue the install process.

Step 2. Grab this zip archive and extract it http://www.desaware.com/support/downloads/spyworks/signedcomponents.zip

Step 3. Replace the files in the Quickset folders with the files from this zip.

Step 4. Open up an elevated CMD prompt (Run as administrator)


Step 5. Go to the folder where quickset DLLs are (default location below)

cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Teknic\Quickset 6.3”
regsvr32 DWSHK80.OCX

We’re done with the command prompt now.

That should be it. QuickSet will now run as expected.


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