teknic servos and servo drivers

This is a W I P and will be adding to it as time permits, also as we do discovery and get it working.

We picked up a few teknic 2311 servos and controllers from ebay, the eclipse, sst and control point trajectory planner. The plan is to convert all our existing machines that use steppers into servos. Starting the journey with a HF Mini Lathe conversion its easy to handle and if you slam it into itself during tuning (which will likely happen) then its not going to do a lot of damage to itself or anyone else, since its tiny in comparison to our other Lathe/machines. Plus it is neat to have a small CNC lathe.


Teknic make nice gear, they sell their ClearCore controller which is a neat little dev box, as well as ClearPath servos  that are stepper replacements that take step/dir and then translate all that into the proper servo movements for a brushless motor.

Since we managed to get a good deal on the servo drives and motors we decided to venture into the world of tuning Teknic servos.

Teknic support is basically two levels :-

one:  buy 100s or 100s of units a year of the eclipse and we’ll remotely tune and help
two: buy a clearpath

Which is fair enough.

There is also no auto tune feature and no hardware monitor port on Eclipse drives, the SSTs have them but are older tech. ClearPaths have auto tune, which is a fine choice, but at first you might be how do i get the fine control i’m looking for out of step/dir that i do from –/+ 10V

From best we can tell, you download the QuickSet software for your controller, load a windows .ini style config for your drive/motor setup if there is one and start from there. If there is no config for your setup you start off with the basic parameters of the motor from the datasheet and start PID style tuning on it, first on the bench with no load. Then with the load you are planning to drive.

Since Teknic won’t help us (after all we did buy from eBay we’re on our own) and we want to have interoperability between our motion controllers (tinyg/kflop) and the eclipse/servo drives.

Sounds easy enough…..

Quickset Software

The QuickSet software has an RS232 connection to the driver that can read back the various monitor signals from the driver (some drivers have a hardware monitor line you can connect a scope too, the help docs muddle the descriptions so you spend a while looking for the non existing port, even looking for a TLC5615C 10 bit DAC convertor on the main board, so far haven’t found it. These folks really like TI.

The are two versions of QuickSet we’re using 6.3 since 5.x doesn’t handle our drive, the SST version is called SST-QuickSet.

First thing we did was head to duckduckgo and search for “how to tune teknic servos” etc , lots of ClearPath examples, nothing on the separates. What about examples of the scope traces or what you should expect to see ( beyond the normal PID style tuning or <1 1 >1 style stuff ). Nope, how about anything at all?

Nothing. Maybe someone else can find a page detailing how it works but couldn’t find a thing.

Since we had the basic unloaded motor setup finished the next step was to load it and measuring tracking errors. Poking around the software, found “Tracking (Mtr) Dir) [F3]” etc.

Noting that some of the functions have short cut keys for setup,  F3/F4/F5  Kv tune Setup (shift F1) we figured that these would be the ones to use and setup first.  each shortcut changes a few parameters and setups the scopes and stimulus generator into  the right modes.

Tracking error still seems to evade though, we think  we’re looking at it.But not sure, i’ve looked thru the apps help section and its not great. The tune mode help sections go in circles, literally.

Searching the help section finally took us to a page that says


Phone support whats this ? I didn’t see anything obvious in the app. I did note the  Advanced section in the options page being greyed out so filled that for later investigation.

In the initial motor setup phase there is a shortcut keypress you have to do to enable editing the basic motor parameters. it’s ctrl+shift+M 

So i could look at the Registered Hotkeys, or i could say do Phone? ctrl+Shift+P ?


ControlPoint basic interface


Standalone phone support window


This fun box


I feel like one of the Hackers in the movies now where i guessed the password in one try. But really turns out I’m just one of those hackers that tried the obvious thing first and it worked “password123” etc. This may even be documented somewhere.

But now we can set a bar  showing the Direction tracking Error


It enables a tonne of other settings too.

For the ControlBasic scripting there is an old windows help format file that is a hassle to read, so just convert it to a modern one (HelpNDoc does it well)

For now we’ve got the motor moving back and forth with a slight “feels like a step” motion when using step/dir that might be the style of pulses from the TinyG we used to test, or its a setup error in the drive.

Using QuickSet the motor moves great, and its crazy torquey.

We initially tuned Kv then KP/Ki etc as discussed in the help section.

inital runs

Hardware setup

Most of the connections are molex, we lucked out that the eBay seller supplied cut and uncut cables. Also orderd spares from Arrow. SST and Eclipse here


0039012180 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/0039012180/molex
0039012200 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/0039012200/molex
0039000039 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/0039000039/molex
0050579405 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/0050579405/molex
0039012060 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/0039012060/molex
0016020119 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/0016020119/molex


1-480698-0 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/1-480698-0/te-connectivity
1376348-1 https://www.arrow.com/en/products/1376348-1/te-connectivity

https://www.teknic.com/files/downloads/E2-3L_manual.pdf All listed in  here on page  73

Also DB25 male needed

RS232 tx/rx to the host used a usb adapter and it worked fine.  Pins 2 and 3 on the DB-25

Drive enable , have to ground that. Watch out for the drive jumping into life if its badly configured or such Pin 4 DB-25

Supply +5v power for the logic board  Pin 20 DB-25

Pin 21 DB-25 is GND

Supply a solid 75VDC from a power supply designed for servos, they don’t play well with most SMPS, the toridials with a full wave rectifier and a few caps do well. Molex 4 Pin

Wire up motors and controllers per datasheet.

Also add step/dir for later testing. you don’t need it for the initial tune


Thats about it.


These are just mostly notes to ourselves. Some of the values have changed







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