stick-vise XY table

Finally got around to creating a XY table for the stick vise to use with the eakins digital inspection camera. This is just a quick write up.

The idea is it can scan the larger PCB, and overlay the routes etc.

Here it is, for test fitment I just 3d printed the mounts. I’ll cut them out of metal later.

2020-06-06 19_44_11-Linear Rail 50mm _ 100mm _ 150mm_ 200mm Linear Stage Actuator with Square Linear

The adapter

Adapter to  connect the two linear rails’ together.

I picked up the rails off eBay/aliexpress but i wanted a longer 150mm so I grabbed another from Amazon, these things are available everywhere

2020-06-06 19_33_46-Autodesk Fusion 360
2020-06-06 19_21_37-Autodesk Fusion 360
2020-06-06 19_21_20-Autodesk Fusion 360

stick vise adapter.

2020-06-06 19_34_38-Autodesk Fusion 360
2020-06-06 19_22_21-Autodesk Fusion 360
2020-06-06 19_22_02-Autodesk Fusion 360

All the bolts are M3 I used are 10mm length.

The nut version

which bolts thru from this side.

I made the countersinks 5mm on the first plate I made ( not pictured), then hot welded an M3 threaded insert into the plastic, on the metal one i’d have just put an M3 nut in there.

To drive it i’m using  the Polulu  Tic’s they don’t seem to have a dual one, or chainable so its two USBs at the moment.

that us more or less it. 3D print or mill the plates, attach the stick vise to the first plate, then the stick vise+plate to the first linear rail, then put the nuts or inserts on the second plates two holes (spaced 20mm ) and then bolt the second plate to the second longer linear rail with four M3 10mms, put the first shorter linear rail on top of the second, and use two M3 10mm bolts to hold it in place.

this is the overlay of the tracks on the pcb, pre XY. so now the plan is to  move the pcb around and have the tracks around.

2020-06-06 19_46_40-Dr Terrible's House of Bloggable – Stuff i posted - Brave

I’ll do a more detailed write up when its up and running in measuretwice. there were some notes in this post

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