L16 camera, fixing the lumen software


i picked up one of those L16 cameras from  it arrived last week , charged it, plugged it in and installed the windows version of the lumen(beta) software.

took a few pictures, downloaded them  and clicked to open, and the software crashed, over and over. Opened a support “email/website” to their “award winning support” waited a few days, nothing, submitted again, still nothing, so since i’d like to see what the camera did i figured i’d take a look and see what was causing the crash..

i’d taken a few different pics over the days, but could only download them and not view them.

so this is what it did, clicking view always crashed it.


since it’s the 5th, i got the camera mid last week and wanted to see the results, and still nada from their support.

i clicked ‘Debug’, which opened up my visual studio, then took a look at the a crash, it is in the ceres solver, invalid instruction, so i see where this is going and i take a look at the disassembly and sure enough it is AVX(sandy bridge)  instruction which my older i7 CPU doesn’t support (contrary to the claims of the website)

Ceres Solver is an open source library

i took a look at their version, a quick strings in the ceres.dll


the code is here

but since i’m using the windows version i grabbed this build,  (using submodules to get glog)

it needs Eigen

grabbed 3.3.4 of Eigen, extracted it to the same folder as the ceres-2015.sln file  and then renamed it to eigen

next opened the ceres-2015.sln in visual studio 2015, selected release and x64 build, built it and copied the ceres.dll to the lumen.exe folder.  after making a backup of the old non working one.

re ran it , opened the files again, and picked a picture, tested the focus .. and it worked.

and now i can view the images for the camera

the software is really, really slow, so i’d imagine they just switched on whatever optimisation settings they could without realising what that really meant, dat jenkins build server.

as for the camera itself, sorry to say but so far the software is indicative of the hardware, but i probably need some time to get used to it.


now i wonder where my award is






since its being asked for, i put it here. its built exactly as i described it above