Z mount

Made the top plate of the Z axis mount, and face milled off the rest of the Z mount.

Don’t CNC during halloween, here is mr pika running a facing operation.

i was running the fog machine outside, the garage filled up.

I bandsawed the outside of the top plate, using a piece of metal as a guide, that metal wasn’t straight so i miscut the left side.. on otherwise a nice part, we did break one drill bit because the stock was slightly deeper and disagreed about readjusting the Z 0.0 adding on the difference etc, instead of just redoing the CAM, the answer was of course redo the CAM since the retracting was a fast partial retract so it clipped the edge of the hole and snapped. You can see it on the inner circle of holes middle left,. shame since the part had a mirror finish on the mating side after a face mill. but its all luckily cosmetic and the idea here is to build parts that are better than the existing ones, then redo it all again. There are three 31mm bearings inside the centre hole.

it’d mounted nicely to the ballscrew with an interference fit after very slightly knocking it down with some 1000 grit.

We’re ready to mount the part now and see if it all fits. here’s the A360 of the latest model http://a360.co/1GdnYAf this is the Z plate and mount. We need stronger belleville washers, so didn’t get to fit it up, should be next week.

After that we may move on to a motor update or extend the Y axis, the current motor is only good for about 0.2HP/149N/m.s which is pitiful. Looking at a 220VFD with a 56C frame motor.

The Y axis is longer ballscrew, put the stepper on the back of the machine, add a two inch block between the table and column, and a 2" , 5" diameter round stock on the head.

been buying these bearings