Z column top adapter.

Milled out the top part of the Z column this plate goes on the top and holes the bearings for the Z ball screw.

Created and CAM’d it in Fusion360. http://a360.co/1GdnYAf Design is there, though be warned haven’t test fitted it yet. Took about an hour to cut out of 7075-T6 aluminium with two drill bits 1/4" and 1/2" end mills. Bought the bearings from alibaba they were nicer than local sourced , claimed ABEC5 rated. The last ones we got had laser marks showing the high spots, but who knows.

We’re using two bearings at the top + a spacer, the spacer is the outer race of another bearing, yep we use bearing races instead of precsion washers/shims.

Came out decent.

Getting close to adding some sort of collection tray/enclosure.

Also finally picked up a compressor so no more canned air , added an electronic solenoid + SSR to allow it to be controlled from the master control box. Used this solenoid control which is 110V.

control valve

cad’d up the top plate that holds the bearings too, that is in the file linked above in A360. Next steps are to cut that out, run a boring bar over the bearing hole in this adapter and i guess we’ll try to fit it.