Waiting for IMS to open…

Angle stock didn’t turn up from speedy metals yet, inorite? So i ordered some at IMS last night and they’ll have it in will call today. Now i’ll have more 3/8" 2.5"/2.5" angle than i’ll know what to do with.

The highlighted part is what it is for, I’m liking fusion360 (full disclosure I work with autodesk but that wouldn’t make me use it if it was bad) so far, it’s nice and easy to use, NYCNC has a few tutorials up.

Maybe we’ll actually get a ballscrew mounted today.

Grabbed some neat tools from fleabay, they’re used to measure holes accurately, which is a lot harder than i thought it’d be.

you loosen the top, the T part is spring loaded , insert them into the hole let them settle and tighten the thumb screw at the end and they lock in place , then remove them at an angle and measure with a micrometer or caliper. very neat, single use tools are awesome. measuring things is an art form in itself

OK and i’ve sucessfully used up enough time i can head to IMS and it should be open

Got there at 7:59 and there’s already a queue!

Luckily, ingress portal.

But i’m on will call, so walk around the side and i’m the only one there, first customer of the day.

It’s the costco of metal.

Mission accomplished.

And home by 8:30, time for coffee before getting ready to bandsaw up into smaller sections, i only need, three pieces of this about 2" long, but i’ll likely never run out of it.