Tramming and cutting.

We spent a few days tramming the mill, that involved shims ( all i had was brass sheets so ordered some stainless to replace it ) and then figuring out where all the bolts and stuff are.

mmca built a device that allows a dial gauge into the spindle and then it spins around the table, you zero out the gauge on on side, then spin it around to the other side, if its off you adjust the column forward or back with shims. then try again..

after the column we did the head trim, which is 4 bolts , loosened then rotate the hit til its square and lock it back down again. i’ll add pictures and more details later..

after getting the vice parallel, we then started to cut out a hemisphere. but there was a mistake in the cam so we aborted it…. but i really like watching cnc machines at work, even if its just going around in circles.

this is .1′ cut with a 1/4" HSS chinese end mill from littlemachine shop, first we got the facing working, then this.

fun stuff

maybe next i’ll make one of these?