Given that this is first time off of work in the last few weeks, though i’m supposed to be at work at the moment, flu etc.

I ended up getting some unexpected cash just as we were about to but some of the machine parts, so talked it over with the wifey and decided to just pick up an off the shelf conversion kit, i went back and forth on it for a few days, since it doesn’t sit well with me, i know they’re overpriced. I’ve read most of the conversion logs and it takes most people upto two years to do a conversion, i have pretty much zero free time, and supposedly this is an afternoon conversion, so easy come easy go…

Let the unboxing begin…


That is what a 8A 3 Axis $3,500 conversion kit looks like.. But once i get it installed , lets see the if the reviews hold up..

Interestingly one of the things that made me like the box was that they published schematics for a lot of it.

Then i’ll redo the box..