gonna need a bigger motor

This is the have at it and see what happens.

and that is what happens with a 0.2HP motor and possibly uncoated endmills.

so now we’re looking into a VFD+56C frame motor around 1HP and 29 lbs of weight to put on the head. Once you add a lot more weight to the head you’ll need a counterbalance, springs etc to help it lift back up.

the part was made to test out 2.5D/3D milling where the Z is moving up and down during a cut as well as the X/Y, turned out decent when we altered the cutting depth so it wouldn’t bog the motor down.

motor 1 HP


Interestingly A.D. say that this VFD isn’t the best choice to drive a mill because of the low speed settings it’ll drop power significantly, but a lot of people use them.

Also have to decide on a base RPM 1800/3600 with the pulley ratio (1.56)

The part eventually came out decent. I just made a bunch of shapes in Fusion360 and went with it.