G0704 ballscrew conversion.

Often in machining and similar projects you make a temporary part, or machine to make a machine. With the G0704 we’re trying to cut a circle for a bearing that is part of the mount for some C7 ballscrews, which ironically will improve the backlash which causes the issues with cutting circles in the first place.

So after designing a plate, and machining it out the bearing wouldn’t fit so we took two approaches, measure the backlash and do software compensation, pick up a boring head and finish a circle with it.

We did both,

so far it looks like this, it ain’t pretty but it should work all it has to do is hold up long enough to re-run the part on the new ball screws and then it’ll be all nice.

this one wasn’t paying attention to raising the Z and i only had jobber length bit it tripped the Z limit as it was also moving X/Y so ended up slightly off. But after measuring the backlash and softwaring it out , it was cutting a circle.

the inner circle on this one has a spring pass, running the same GCODE again to account for spring in the cutting tool as it removes a lot of material the bit wobbles a little bit, so running it again where its barely removing anything causes less deflection of the bit and then finish is nicer. The CAM software can do this automatically as a finishing pass.,The previous doesn’t.