Cutting out the Z ballscrew holder.

Started on the Z ballscrew holder.

So we started cutting full depth with 0.375" end mill and it looked like it was going well, there were some odd looking rapids and sure enough the Y axis was slipping. After a few tries and dropping the speed and DOC it was still dropping, so we looked at the machine setup and for some reason the rapids had been changed from 2 in/m^2 to 200 and 500 for cornering, which is impossible on any machine so its odd you can set that. So once that was fixed it went off to cut, Unfortunately the gopro battery died after all the messing about and it missed the aggressive spiral helix and circle cut.

once we put it on for first fit, it didn’t quite slide the whole way, forgot to break the edges. So after that it went on perfectly. this is really the first part we’ve done as a fully CNC part, no bandsaw or drill press ( though we do have to add two holes on the back eventually)

now i’m finishing up the Z plate and we’ll cut that next.