compressor notes

So since i added the 30 gallon noisy-ish compressor a few days ago, i thought to myself i’ll just install it next to the CNC for the moment since that is the noisy/messy corner. When installing it , i put it on the same circuit as the CNC’s motor while thinking, i should remember to move this since if they both run at the same time they’ll pop the 20A fuse..

So of course next day, we start running up the mill, i’m CAD’ing, mmca and mr pika are working the CNC. I go in the house and to grab something and i hear a lot of air, sure enough the fuse has blow, cnc is down, pc is down, compressor is full of air, my pc is also down. . aha right that 20A circuit, after resetting the breaker and moving the compressor to a different circuit, and making a mental note to add UPS’s all over and separate all the PCs ( and cable modem/routers) to a different circuit. We were off again.

So we’re cutting away and of course this machine is a new build, so its prone to things going wrong and we’re usually watching it while it cuts. Since until now we’ve been using canned air as we are ecologically friendly, imagine when a fairly large compressor kicks on about a half a metre away from you, heart attack time which isn’t good since both my grandpa (wife’s side) and my brother (my side) are in hospital for quad bypasses and other heart issues.

So I figure after the part is done, i’ll relocate the compressor out side for it.

I had some old wood lying around from shelves that were in the garage before we moved in. So i built a hobo shed for the compressor, ran some 300 psi tubing for it and mounted it. I’ll change it out to black pipe when I’ve got it settled as to where it will all go.

Hobo shed, sawzall, scrap wood and some screws.Even though I’ve got some nice wood working tools I used all the crappy ones. 5 minutes later. I’m sure the neighbours regret buying that rooster last week.

mounted the dirt filter/moisture trap inside the garage with a quick connect.

great, that’ll work for now and hopefully no more WTF what was that when we’re doing delicate machining etc. I should know better since when i first started air brushing i used a noisy compressor, and while i was painting it’d clatter to a start usually making me jump and paint stuff that wasn’t meant to be so, learnt that lesson and bought a supersilent 20A for that many years ago.

Compressors are usually fine outside even in the heat, the motor and compressed air is a lot higher temperature than most ambient temps anyway. I left gaps in the front and back for airflow and i’m not permanently running it, just when i need it. que horror stories from some , and others with the I’ve had my compressor under my bed for 100 years with the wife , four cats and a subway franchise and its always been fine. It is oil based too.