boxes arrived

Fedex apparently have an issue with trees, even though we’ve brought bigger trucks to our place but oh well, a day late and thanks to mr pika being able to be at my place for drop off the boxes arrived.

Pretty well packed too, also smaller than i thought but still heavy enough.

Took me 10 mins to open up the top of the case

Comes with some top quality tools too!

Came back to it this morning

Nicely protected, wasn’t as covered in the red sealant as i’d expected. Next stage is to pull it apart, clean it and pick up an engine lift/hoist and lifting strap to get it up onto to the stand.

Attach Point A to Point B, if only!

Work is even more crazy for me than normal this last few months, I’m pretty sure  HAD viewers would dig seeing what i’m working at the moment, but can’t show them off til siggraph in Vancouver. 

Next I’m ordering the LMS starter kit, possibly a belt drive, and a gauge to help me align it.