Bearings installed, supercharged lotus elises, and superglued fingers.

Replacement bearing installed, picked up some plastic and copper tubing, cut it down and faced it. Then used that to install the bearings. Someone also came by with their TVS elise to have their lotus ECU reflashed (no good deed goes unpunished), so that was an interesting break since the laptop i use to run the CNC had developed a problem where when it was switched on, it wouldn’t turn on again without a reflow of the GPU, but it was all setup to reflash the ECU, so i took it outside flashed the car and then as we were talking and saying goodbyes i closed the lid on the laptop.. nooooes.. and sure enough it wouldn’t boot up again.. Stuck it in the refrigerator for a while and got it back online. the later i had to superglue the top of finger back together.. so these are all reasons for again poor documentation.

The various bearings left over, old and new.

various tubes ( and next stage which is the ballscrew update). the tubes are used to help press in the bearings without marring.l

pressing in the bearings, we used three 1mm shims on top of large bearing, and two 1mm plus one as a washer on the top bearing.

jig to mount the bearing into the spindle( piece of my neighbours wall)

I’ll add more details later. when the googles has uploaded all the videos.