ballscrews n stuff


made a dent in the insulation and then bounced off across the room

mmca and I (and mr pika) stripped the G0704 down to its barebones, making two piles of parts one for not getting reinstalled and one for reinstall. i won’t go over it here, since (a) we didn’t take photos and there a gazillion videos of that already.

initially we took the ball nuts off backwards… again internet. those are the 3d printed holders made out of glow in the dark pla.

the pile of not going back, with the pile of might be reused.

swarf gets everywhere. that is one of the gibs on the top.

all the drive motors

the old lead screws

back to a base

Z column

cut out a 2.5" section of the casting to clear the ball nut, a lesson here is don’t believe what you see other people do on the internet, even if their video editing skills are amazing, coz that means they’re great at videos not necessarily measuring/etc. it ended up a lot more than we needed, but that is ok. I used the drill press with an end mill/drill and cut it out then hand filed it a bit.

also drilled out a larger and slightly wrong offset hole, used a step drill and a dremel to get this out, very dirty wear a mask, gloves and eyewear.

added a spacer to the ballscrew since we’re now getting much more Y travel.

the Y bearing mount

next step put all this stuff back on.

new plates made on the C-Bema

these go over the x plate, then the existing aluminum extrusions from flashcut get mounted onto that. I’ll share the CAD drawings once we’ve verified.

i’ll put together some more pictures and better instructions, this was one of those heavy build focused weekends, so didn’t document a lot again.