Added a touch probe

I wanted to add a touch probe,  the guys who sell the flashcut cnc sell one, but they apparently don’t want you to buy it, after a week of being ignored, i found one (probably cheaper) on ebay. "CNC Touch Probe for Mach3, LinuxCNC – 5 foot cable length"


  • ¼” shank (useable in CNC routers using ¼”collet) – [NOTE: if requested, I can provide turned down to 1/8"]
  • Small overall size (body is 1” diameter, 1.25”tall)
  • Comes with two interchangeable hardenened/ground stainless tips (.045” and .073” diameters provided)
  • Uses standard M3-.5 metric thread, so you can use standard CMM style probe tips if you like (CMM styple probe not included in this sale, picture showing a ‘ruby tipped’ probe is for reference only)
  • Adjustment screws so you can eliminate runout between shank and probe tip (this is important if you want to use the probe for accurate edge finding/centering of bores
  • Detachable 5’ cord, makes it easier to set the probe up for adjusting runout (chuck probe in spindle and rotate against a dial indicator to dial it in)
  • Probe activation force may be adjusted by replacing internal spring (3 springs: Heavy, medium, and Xtra-light NOW INCLUDED!)

I’d probably choose the 1/8" option next time. For my Little Machine Shop startup kit.

Out of the box it is definitely a lot of force needed to trigger it, it’ll work for anything but soft rubbers etc. It is nicely made and comes with a JST connector, personally i’d like to see the wire come out the side or the top and not the bottom though.

The other parts are for my relay control box, maybe to switch the spindle on/off or the vacuum I haven’t decided yet. Again i could buy one from flashcut cnc, but they don’t reply.

I added it to the IO line of the controller, ground+line 8, set it to a control line Normally Closed and configured the software. Ran a test and off it went

Parts for the connectors for the flashcut

A quick test.

So far, so good.

There is a video here, i never can figure out how to share a video off google+ without putting it on youtube first.