USB Hub vid 0409 pid 005a windows, not showing up/ multiple Kinects


Since kinects need all the things, I had to separate them to different USB ports , somehow my device manager showed an unknown device, which was 0409 005a USB NEC, I kept finding renesas usb 3.0 drivers on Google but that’s a red herring. Anyway after realising it was a hub and not a controller, I figured out the deal

go here and find the USB stock drivers


mine were



copy the contents of that folder to




now rescan in device manager and it the driver should appear.


So almost have two kinects connected now, one shows the camera isn’t working, this might be because its still on the same root usb, which the kinect needs all the usage of, or there’s another usb camera/streaming device installed.


Which it was, moved it to another USB Root Hub, not just a different HUB,



Ok so two kinects, connected, now for the third….


I couldn’t start the second kinect, running the kineck SDK and then opening the kinect info panel tells you that its not powered, though usb will show ok, I swapped the kinect with my third and it worked, so seems like one of my kinects might be bad.