Changing the Mac address of a proxim 802.11abgn usb adapter

Windows 7 has a a limitation (That can be removed in the code of the individual driver) that you can’t set a fake mac id starting with 00 on a wireless usb So I did what any normal person would do, pulled apart the adapter, removed the eeprom found and edited the hardware MAC ID


Use a spudger to open the case, its not glued or anything.

I tried a few ways of programming the spi on board, but it just wouldn’t do it,, too much interference.


The chip is glued down, some acetone will take care of that, desolder the chip and pop it into a eeprom reader its an ATMEGA AT61 series SPI EEPROM so easy enough. Once you have the hex file, grep for the mac address in hex. Edit it to what you want it to be and reflash it back to the chip, there is no checksum etc.

You can send eeprom commands back to the chip via the driver, but I didn’t look into it too deeply;. Its pretty quick to remove it and change it, obviously this is more useful for cloning vs just changing.


The Proxim / Orinoco is just a Taiwanese usb adapter, I haven’t seen it for sale under the different brands though, but its considerably cheaper.


I’ll add some pictures to the post later.