On to the next project, CNC rebuild into a (well you’ll see)

This is one of those Chinese CNC machines on eBay that’s got all those qualities where you think, maybe its good enough for the price. Of course they never are but that never stops us. $700 all in. CNC 3020 will lead you to them, but really don’t.

They generally are sold as shipped in the USA and actually drop shipped from China. Takes about 7 days usually.

Very well packed, but as usual has that weird smell that everything we’ve bought has from China.  So dispose of the bubble wrap as quickly as possible.

Cursory glances the power supply has what sounds like a loose screw rattling around, the machine looks cheaper than the photographs,  but then again who expects to get a hamburger from McDonalds that even barely resembles the pictures on the advertising. You know what you’re signing up for when eBaying, Las Vegas rules here. To be fair to the Chinese companies though their advertising pictures are about 9000 times more accurate than the McDonalds ones though. It also looks smaller than it did on eBay, this is why size reference pictures need an apple.

Apparently it uses something called a ‘Parallel Port’  (I keed, I keed), well that won’t last for long.

Our LPKF is a lot nicer, (not as nice the AccurateCNC), but it is going under the chop too.

Well ok we might ARM a few.