ARM’ing the world one hacker at a time, or how I learned to hate the Arduino and spread that hatred to others.

Looking for new interesting projects to do at [NSL] and also wondering why my Elektor subscription has never arrived ( hope that Las Vegas, UK does exist and someone got the benefit of it).

I cam across the segway clone, they’re just not cool too dorky and expensive. Then the 2.4Ghz wi-spy like, chips are obsolete but there are new ones, but I believe they are mostly just RSSI at each frequency which most Wifi cards can do, so not super interesting.

So i grabbed the Eagle files, generated some gerbers with the sparkfun CAM file and uploaded them to BatchPCB. There are some odd parts in the eagle layout, so i had to remove the bottom right parts other BatchPCb showed it as 4x4inches, Elektor had added labels to the layers and masks which BatchPCB includes in the size of the design, since they don’t use a dimension/mil layer. the board came out to $20.35 per unit. Silver circuits has some nice options so the same board was $125 setup and $2 each for black pcb with white solder mask and ENIG finishing. So I’m going to try them, their ordering system is not as nice as BatchPCB’s but how hard can it be?

Waiting for PCB’s !!