Sump Logic Analyser + omla32, GadgetFactory Butterfly,

Just  a quick note if you’re using the omla32+digilient+sump, if it connects but won’t download. then the IDC’s might be jaffed up, they’re real loose on the digilent board. That’s what was wrong with mine at least.


I also picked up butterfly to see how it works as an LA, it doesn’t have the same protection as the digilent+omla32 so I’ve done very little with it,except verify it works with a 2V 12.5Mhz square wave.  The digilent is a bit awkward to use off the bench, so this is a lot smaller and it exposes more of the FPGA like the SparkFun board does.



Was easy enough to run, plug in USB, upload bitfile and run the Java LA, Jack has included a JRE with it, which is a good idea, smal tip is that the uploader batch file doesn’t work from the command line unless you give it a full path, I’d imagine he’s only ever used it from explorer which always provides a full path.


Slowly wiring up the flash chip, 44 pins!