Re-laid out, changed SOIC-16 to SOIC-16DW


For some reason, which i haven’t checked yet the mill line routed around it, instead of through it, which caused it to be larger. I had this issue once before, last time i used the rectangle tool and this time the line tool, since i wanted a gap, which I set to two 0.05” grid spaces, that was slightly too much. I also cut it a bit deeper when doing the isolation routing. (Adding some notes to older posts: The reason it cut around the trace instead of through it was that the CAM file i was using had the dimension layer and not the milling layer, using the polygon tool on the milling layer fixed it, using a 0 width wire cuts around it)



I built the tool table this time. Which means you get something like this –>


However I did notice that it refers to T0 which is the bit number in the specific tool list, there are three 1. Isolate 2. Drill and 3. Route. So instead of getting the index from the master tool table, you get the one from the subset. It also counts from 0 for the tool change prompt, but the master Tool Table counts from 1. Also on the isolation rubout, it adds the isolate size to your set, so if you define 3 bits in the drill tool table, it’ll add one ( if its not already included ) and that one will be the isolate bit, usually the V90/60/45