Peek – Target $4.99

I just saw this on a shopping trip to target with the parents, A small keyboard/sim card/LCD bearing device for $4.99 … So I bought it, I paid more for the cup of coffee I had waiting for the folks to shop. It’s meant to be an email reader over 3g, subscription service.


This is what I’ve found after a few minutes with Google, Spansion memory, USB but serial to reflash,  TI LoCosto TCS2310/ARM7TDMI + TMS320C54x 104Mhz

Yet I haven’t seen any actual hacks on it yet, Peek seem to have a closed development list, but i see no further info on it.


company blog




teardown by ‘the hammer’

Datasheet link for the Spansion memory ( link from previous link is wrong)


TI LoCosto


Interesting TI development device, OMAP though ( $1,299.41 ! )

uses this 3,6” QVGA


blah once I’d discovered the firmware and JTAG socket, then i came across this page !