AccurateCNC Ninja Badge Board #1

Ever since Defcon I promised to get her indoors a Ninja Badge, I got hold of one by fixing one of the bad ones, but I gave it back to the guy who won it in the Q&A in the HHV, the answer being charlieplexing, which I’d shouted out being too late to have heard the rules.. Luckily the good guys behind the design uploaded all the schematics and Gerber files, so easy to reproduce one.


This was with the V90 bit and it came out pretty well however there are DRV’s so it won’t work. Which is a shame because this is first complex board that cut ok. Interestingly though the depth has changed between the start and the end of the run, if you look on the top left, you’ll see the Credits and the Gerber had the EDITS at the start, and CR at the end, so you can plainly see the depth difference. As well as the “ton” part of Creighton, and> of

This file is rather large at 6.95MB, the original is 110MB! (Apparently its too large for Windows Writer!, so i cropped it to 4.66MB )


I had another go at it this morning, I did tool tests at each corner of the PCB and got the depth as it looks like it ought to be, but the board came out much worse than this one…  I probably need to verify the minimum trace size, but i couldn’t get a full copper cut with a smaller trace.Oh well the learning process goes on.

A360_Test 006

I just hope the worlds supply of PCB material holds out, I’ve already emptied out our local Fry’s Electronics.


Took a video of the second attempt