Defcon 17


Defcon was a lot of fun, i spent all of it in the HHV mostly helping other people or waiting for a socket for a soldering iron. But we had fun and met a lot of new people.


First thing i did was wire a JTAG in, I’m glad that I did as a lot of people bricked their badges with the serial boot loader.



My idea was to RE one of those scrolly badge things, and add a self replicating serial bootloader that infected the 6 other badges when they were all plugged in together, simulating the 24c16 I2C serial eeprom on the scrolling led badge with the i2c output of the cpu on the badge, and then using the serial to upload new firmware to the other badges. I managed to fry part of the badge at 2am so i spent the next day repairing that, and a few other peoples badges too.