Lotus tuning trip number #74328432


headed off to Tripoint Engineering in Canoga park to finish up a car that had some issues mechanically, the harness was incorrectly reinstalled after some work and was causing the VVTli to fail to engage sometimes.

Spent 3 or 4 runs with it and it achieved 244RWHP , not bad, forgot to grab the dyno sheet though.


Forget to take pictures of it on the dyno, but finally did remember to bring the Motec with me, transferred it to a friend who’d drop it off to the owner at Laguna Seca, of course he forgot it at R3 and had to go back and pick it up, comedy of errors that dash.

Then i headed off to R3 Motorsports in Van Nuys to do a couple of NA Cars.




These two I’d done before.

Another car with a P0172 system too rich showed up for a quick diagnostic, as usual its a 95% a vacuum leak.




R3 do the Ferrari Challenge series, a few interesting cars around. Forgot my camera so the useless iPhone is my only one, even though my n95 languishes at home.



But by an amazing coincidence, on my recent trips back to Los Angeles, I’ve kept forgetting to swing by EdSyn for some spare tips for my soldering irons, their website is frankly horrible to work with, so I prefer to shop there. When i pulled into R3 i thought , i know this street!, and sure enough they were only 433 ft away, so i popped in while waiting for people to turn up, saw a couple of hummingbirds.



neato! same exact feeder i used for my old webcam coolpix 990 usb controller program too, it took a better shot though, I presume its a different bird though, since its been 8 years or so.

EdSyn had a new display and shop too, and they’ve got a sale going on for 20% off.



Lots of tips and bits.

I picked up the vacuum pickup tool that converts my 1036 into a 1036DX, i find the simple suction hand pickups just don’t work that well.

All in all one of the easier trips I’ve been on, though its a continuation of a trip that didn’t go so well, so still have yet to do a simple in and out.