Cheaper Dell XPS1530 9 cell battery


Its been just over a year since i bought my XPS1530 so its battery was showing 71% and it was running out very quickly, so i changed it to a 9 cell the Dell site has a couple of different batteries listed. The 6 cell was $100 more than the 9 cell, and it said both were out of production one day, and something else the next.

My XPS travels with me most everywhere, and the battery takes a beating so 12ish months is pretty normal.

The battery arrived today, construction wise its slightly less well put together than the Dell, but it even has the little blinkenlights that the Dell has, which i only had noticed when the battery started to die.

Fitment was OK, not quite as nice as the Dell, still lifts it off the table in that odd Dell way, weight is the same.

I’ll let you know in 12 months how it did.